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L'industrie de la pornographie :iconkrainselfdestructian:krainselfdestructian 0 0
The tell-tale cheer
True! I was nervous, so very, very nervous. As I had spent thousands of time trying to repeat the deed accomplished in my younger years. As just a filly, I was convinced that it was only an old mares tale, yet when faced with the importance to save the honor of my friend Fluttershy. I had given all that I am and more into a race. Hearken! For I had accomplished the impossible. Yet, on recent events another impossible event occurred, something else that defies reason. Come and listen to this tale of the un-imaginable.
Many will claim that I am mad, for what I had undertaken seemed like madness. Though you have to understand how desperate I was. All those who had the potential to cheer me on were shunned by clouds and so I turned to Fluttershy. Upon the dreadful day of the competition, I tried to teach her the elements of a good cheer. Loss of control. Screaming and howlering. Passion. Yet none of those elements were apparently within her, for she apparently was missing something even mo
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Can not breath the smoke,
Too much oxygen in here,
Bring back the fires.
:iconkrainselfdestructian:krainselfdestructian 0 0
Comforting cold, frost,
Smooth spikes, sweet ice, I await
The bitter hard sleep.
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amelioration personnelle
Enfermer un claustrophobe dans un coffre, lancer un arachnophobe dans un trou rempli d'araigné, contenir un agorophobe dans un show de métal, ruine ta vie et mets en péril tous choses qui te tiennent à coeur pour récolter l'angoisse la plus délectable.
Baigne dans ton enfer personnel, confrontes les horreurs de ton esprits, celui qui remplit ta vie de regrets et remords se cache à l'intérieur de toi, vaincs ton nemesis et tu te vaincras toi-même.
Lorsque tu te dresseras enrobé par la glorieuse victoire, la RÉCOMPENSE SERA LA SOLITUDE!
La perfection est atteinte par l'acceptation des défauts ou la convoitise.
Jamais par la qualité.
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Mature content
Point :iconkrainselfdestructian:krainselfdestructian 0 1
Sic test by krainselfdestructian Sic test :iconkrainselfdestructian:krainselfdestructian 2 2
Des dieux abominables
Pour bien comprendre il faut d'abord analyser cette phrase. R'lyeh est son royaume et il est situé quelque part sous l'océan Pacifique. Au début, elle était au-dessus du niveau des mers, mais suite à un cataclysme, possiblement le sort qui a banni les Grands Anciens en leurs prisons, elle s'enfonça sous l'eau. Cthulhu est mort mais il attend en rêvant. Notre conception de mort ici n'est pas la même, elle veut plutôt invoquer la notion d'inactivité et insensibilité sensorielles.  Il attend en rêvant, puisqu' un des grands pouvoirs de Cthulhu est celui qu'il peut affecté les rêves, les envahir et les contrôler. En outre, Il est dit qu'il a attendu pendant des millions d'années avant que la première créature qui ressembla à l'homme marche sur terre et il influença ces rêves pour qu'elle crée le culte de Cthulhu. Ce culte existe depuis, et  il est éternel
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Mature content
To porn or not to porn? :iconkrainselfdestructian:krainselfdestructian 0 0
Plus pres
Tu  m'évites l'ennui,
Hier ne sera probablement pas comme demain,
T'avais-je vu la semaine prochaine ?
Ou te verrai-je le mois auparavant ?
Hégémonie de l'homogénéisation des jours…
Au crépuscule du temps? Inconscient ?
Ta nature prenante,
Conjure l'onirisme,
Invoque l'intégrité,
Érige les piliers cyclopéens,
De ma pensée.
Que j'attende ou que je fonce,
Ce qui compte c'est le but,
Que je t'offre des fleurs ou des ronces,
C'est l'intention et non leurs attributs.
Accordes moi la pertinence,
L'infime mérite de l'attention,
Démontre la considération,
Accepte mon affection.
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You know
There is a queer sensation. When uncertain or simply ignorant of something about yourself, you wish to remedy the situation. You will search, experiment and ponder forever until you find it. Afterall how can you ignore something about yourself, if any should know, it should be you. Your thoughts are still yours are they not? They do not leak through a hole from your head. Nor do you share them so easily with anyone. Telepathy does not yet exist, does it?
So your head is the one place where you are trully you, your shelter from the outside world.
Yet there is a secret room in the castle. Apparently there is vault in the manor that you haven't heard of. You know it's there, but you can't find it. You've check every surface, you've measured every room, the corridors and the thickness of the walls. But there is no place to hide it. Everything is known. Why would you keep secrets from yourself?
Along comes that person. That friend. The snitch tells you that they know. The squeeler won't tal
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Accomplir conversation
"Personnellement, je crois que tu dérapes un peu."
"Du verbe déraper, un déplacement larérale suite à une insuffisance d'adhérence.''
''Penses aux solutions à place. Choisie un objectif et concentre tes forces pour l'atteindre.''
''Parvenir à un terme.''
''Tu veux aller trop vite dans tes affaires, nimporte qu'elle action prend du temps, alors accepte que tu ne réussira pas du premier coup.''
''Action rapide et momentané.''
''Ton anxièté dû a ton insatisfaction de tes accomplissement va te rendre fou.''
''Quelque chose d'exagéré, démesuré, énorme.''
''C'est pourquoi tu n'arrives pas à dormir.''
''Un état inconscient.''
''Est-ce que tu m'écoutes?''
une pause silence
"C'est de ça que je parle, tu craignais que cela arrives, et maintenant que c'est passé tu n'y portes même pas attention."
une autre pause silence
"Tu as réussi ce que les autres croyais inconcevable,
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job hunting
pousser a produire
Labeurs nécessaire, sans but
chômage temporaire
Pushed to produce
necessary labor, without goal
temporary unemployment
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Relative of nothing
The relative of nothing is not very satisfying, it is only on a short term, this short term tends to accumulate into a relative nothing that stretches through an entire day, which generaly destroys all fondations of any activity outside of the day to day obligations.
The relative of nothing or relative oblivion acts like a black hole for motivation, they can only be felt by the absence that they cause.
The relative of nothing is not very satisfying, it presents itself as the possibility of inaction for a second longer. This relative gets more flavour by time, althought it does not manage to acquire a real consistancy, for it is made of nothing. So the taste can only be savoured if it has been aged for a few minutes, see hours, while being nothing, it can not be recorded by the memory, so forgotten. It is relative for it is an absence, a miss, a nothing, an oblivion of activity with a concrete goal. Consider the time devote to this oblivion, at these activities, poorly satisfying, immem
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Not the sun
''So you're saying that you've never seen the sun?''  She asked disbelieving it.
''Yes, not a ray, nor a shine, haven't seen the clouds, or the rainbows. I see the earth just fine, my sight has never faltered. I see all that surrounds me, but nothing beyond the grasp of men. The sky has been a constant cover of stars and other constellation. What you see at night, I see it at any moment.'' He shuddered for a moment. ''But not the sun, nor the sky, they have eluded me since my dawn...'' He laughed at the irony. ''Fate has given me sight, but one to never see something so common and so wonderful, well at least to others telling.''
''Well why is that such a problem, you can still see all else, you seem to whine over a simple desire to see something that you can't.''
''It is a problem! How could I accept to never experience something that others can oh so easily? Espicially considering that our lives are an accumulate of experiences! Yours will be common and fullfilling, while mi
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proto golem effect 1
These long walks will never tire me, I do so enjoy the scenery slowly moving by. Being stuck in that small rented room annoys me greatly, which is why, after work I like to relax and come home on foot. I feel a sudden gust of wind and I turn my head in time to see a blurr of pale brown. In the distance, it looks like a deer, yet it can't be. After a few seconds I no longer can perceive it on the horizon. I hesitantly keep on walking, unsure if this was just my imagination.
My thoughts circulating over the speed required to cross such a length, yet no number seems to be credible. I feel a vibration through the ground, like that of an excavator digging the earth. This road goes through a vast field, so such activity is easily spotted. Already perplexed, confusion seeps in as I gaze upon a large mass of fur plowing the earth. My mind not being able to conceive the sheer size of it. It resembled a rabbit, yet a bear would indeed be a teddy next to it. While I was making the comparison,
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Touch Fuzzy Get Crazy by Buuya Touch Fuzzy Get Crazy :iconbuuya:Buuya 141 10 Inhale by LittleCircles Inhale :iconlittlecircles:LittleCircles 796 139 in limbo by Buuya in limbo :iconbuuya:Buuya 108 48 what bleeds yellow? by Buuya what bleeds yellow? :iconbuuya:Buuya 98 30 Critical Heartbreak Error by marcusmaximus Critical Heartbreak Error :iconmarcusmaximus:marcusmaximus 2 3 Chibi Terra by glance-reviver Chibi Terra :iconglance-reviver:glance-reviver 99 17 Arch 8 pg 127 by TheSilverTopHat Arch 8 pg 127 :iconthesilvertophat:TheSilverTopHat 23 14 MASSIVE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT by alexiuss MASSIVE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 19,409 6,490 midterms by Buuya midterms :iconbuuya:Buuya 233 122 potions master by Buuya potions master :iconbuuya:Buuya 413 131 Gentlemen of Science gif by Nannairb Gentlemen of Science gif :iconnannairb:Nannairb 6 19 WTF Friday: Meep Meep by Buuya
Mature content
WTF Friday: Meep Meep :iconbuuya:Buuya 253 72
nighthawk waltz by Buuya nighthawk waltz :iconbuuya:Buuya 176 33
our demise
Without warning I am confronted with the acute memory of the day that I destroyed you.
when I held the rose, essence of your life and soul, in my burning bare hand
could hear its glass petals ring faintly in agony at my curled, callous fist
your tears gathering in the wells of eternity, preparing their journey
the pain of your misery, whispers in my ears, pleading, and I heard them, yet
for no reason other than by the decree of chaos, I clenched my fist and crushed you.
drained immediately of strength, you screamed in silence and burst under my cold strength
the cuts that bit into me were nothing beside the driving, wretched, horrifying agony that ripped you
my unblinking eyes watched quietly the shards of translucent red, spinning pitifully to the earth
in one shard my face smiled warmly
in another it wept
in another it was cold and dead
and in one it grinned wickedly
while my own face remained blank
my eyes reflecting the opposite sides of each shard
where nymphs played and danced, o
:iconkamesen:kamesen 4 15
Apohtecary Shop by BlackMageChan Apohtecary Shop :iconblackmagechan:BlackMageChan 4 1 Humm by mazoku-chan Humm :iconmazoku-chan:mazoku-chan 80 23


Yet another one, I hate mondays.

I got a nice kind of insomnia, either I am too stressed to relax and fall alseep, or I had another alternative schedule and am having a hard time to transition the sleeping period.


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